• We do not ship Bulk Ammo (1000 Bulk Cases)
  • We do not Ship Safes
  • Valid PAL is Required
  • Call us if you have questions

Shipping & returns

At Siwash Sports Ltd., we offer convenient shipping services to customers across Canada. To ensure a streamlined experience, we have a flat rate shipping fee of $30 for all orders within Canada. Whether you reside in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, or any other province or territory, we strive to deliver your purchase safely and efficiently. Our dedicated shipping team works diligently to package and dispatch your order promptly, utilizing reliable carriers to ensure timely and secure delivery to your doorstep.

Returns: When it comes to firearm and ammunition sales, we want to ensure your satisfaction and adherence to legal regulations. Therefore, please note that all firearm and ammunition sales are final. We adhere to strict safety protocols and legal requirements, prioritizing the safety of our customers and complying with applicable laws.

However, we understand that there may be instances where you may need to initiate a return for reasons other than firearms or ammunition, or may have a warranty claim. We value your business and want you to have a positive experience with Siwash Sports Ltd. If you have any concerns or questions regarding returns, please contact our customer service team, and we will do our best to assist you.

***Please note that due to safety and logistical considerations, we do not ship bulk ammunition. Orders containing bulk ammunition will be promptly canceled to ensure compliance with transportation regulations and maintain the highest standards of safety.

At Siwash Sports Ltd., we prioritize the secure and timely delivery of your purchases while adhering to legal requirements and industry best practices. Should you have any questions or require further information regarding shipping or returns, our knowledgeable customer service team is always available to provide assistance and address your concerns. We appreciate your trust and look forward to serving you with our reliable shipping services and commitment to customer satisfaction.


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