Sticker Draws

The Sticker Draw is a captivating contest that offers participants a chance to win a fantastic range of prizes. Here's how it works: there are 100 stickers, each numbered from 1 to 100. To enter the draw, all you have to do is pick your favorite sticker from the collection. When you choose your sticker, you automatically receive a free entry into the draw.

Once all the stickers have been selected and the entries have been collected, the draw takes place. One lucky winner will be randomly selected from all the entries received. This means that every sticker chosen has an equal chance of leading to victory.

By participating in the Sticker Draw, you not only get a chance to win the incredible assortment of prizes, but you also have the opportunity to express your personal preference by selecting your favorite sticker. So choose wisely and keep your fingers crossed for a successful draw!

Please note that participation in the Sticker Draw requires all participants to possess a valid P.A.L. (Possession and Acquisition License) in order to purchase stickers and be eligible to receive any of the prizes. The possession of a valid P.A.L. ensures that participants meet the necessary legal requirements for firearm-related activities.

Additionally, it's important to mention that the Sticker Draw is not valid in Quebec. Due to specific regulations and restrictions in that province, the contest cannot be conducted or offered to residents of Quebec.

By adhering to these guidelines and restrictions, the Sticker Draw ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations, providing a fair and responsible contest for all eligible participants outside of Quebec.

Once the draw takes place and a winner is selected, they will have a grace period of 30 days to claim their prize. We understand the excitement of winning, and we want to ensure that the prizes are promptly awarded to deserving participants. Therefore, if the winner does not claim their prize within the 30-day period, a redraw will take place.

We believe it is essential to maintain the integrity of the Sticker Draw and consider the fairness to other participants. Waiting for an extended period due to an unclaimed prize can be disappointing for those eagerly anticipating the results. Therefore, we kindly request that if you decide to participate in the draw, ensure that you will be available to receive the notice of winning and claim your prize within the designated time frame.

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