Tavor 7 Primary Arms Draw

Win Big with Siwash Sports: Tavor 7 .308 Black and More in Our Latest Sticker Draw!

Siwash Sports Tavor 7 .308 Black Sticker Draw Announcement

Attention all firearms enthusiasts and Siwash Sports patrons! We're thrilled to announce our third Tavor 7 draw, featuring an incredible lineup of high-end gear that you won't want to miss. This time, we're elevating the stakes with a selection of top-tier items designed to impress even the most discerning shooter.

Grand Prize: Tavor 7 .308 Black Rifle The centerpiece of our draw is the Tavor 7 .308 Black, a formidable rifle known for its exceptional accuracy and durability. Its bullpup design ensures compactness without sacrificing barrel length, making it a perfect choice for both tactical and sporting applications.

  • Primary Arms SLX6 1-6x24: Enhance your shooting experience with this versatile scope, ideal for both close-quarter and mid-range engagements.
  • Scorpion Optics Cantilever Mount: A sturdy and reliable mount that ensures your optics stay secure and aligned, even in the most demanding conditions.
  • Tasmania Tiger Plate Carrier MK4 FDE: This top-quality plate carrier offers exceptional comfort and durability, ensuring you're well-equipped for any scenario.
  • Maple Ridge Armoury Rock Solid Break: Reduce recoil and improve muzzle control with this expertly crafted muzzle break, enhancing accuracy and performance.
  • Magpul Mag D-50 Drum: Experience the convenience and firepower of this high-capacity drum magazine, a perfect complement to your Tavor 7.

How to Enter: Participating in the draw is easy. Simply purchase a sticker from Siwash Sports, and you're automatically entered to win. The more stickers you buy, the greater your chances of winning!

Draw Date and Details: Stay tuned for the official draw date and additional details. We'll be announcing the lucky winner on Instagram once all tickets are sold, so make sure to follow us on our social media platforms and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

Don't miss this chance to win some of the best tactical and shooting gear on the market. Visit Siwash Sports today, grab your stickers, and get ready to win big!

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